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Name/Handle: Surtsey
Contact: [ profile] surtsey


Other characters: Phasma, Furiosa

Character name: Betamax-8
Character journal: [personal profile] per_audacia_ad_astra
Series name: Destiny
Canon notes: Canon point was pre-Taken King, followed by five months CRAU from The Box

Species: Exo

History: Betamax came to in the remote regions of Old Russia, just outside the dilapidated Cosmodrome and a breach in the Wall surrounding the Last City. Her Ghost had revived her, informed her that she had been dead for many years (centuries) and they had to run to safety. With his guidance and her cunning, they're able to find a ship and fly to the Tower in the Last City where she met with the Speaker.

The Speaker was the official voice for The Traveler; a large, spheroid god-like being that had appeared in the Sol system centuries past ((our present day)). It had terraformed Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, before stopping by Mars. There, it was close enough for humanity to send a manned mission for First Contact; three astronauts were dispatched on the Ares One (armed, just in case), and met with the Traveler.

The Traveler granted them advanced technology, lengthened their lifespans by nearly double, and brought them into an age of growth and prosperity known as the Golden Age. Cities flourished on Venus and Mars. Exos were created and humanity ventured out among the stars.

Such a time was not to last, and the Traveler had many enemies - alien species known as Hive, Fallen, Cabal, and Vex, together referred to as the Darkness - that caught up with it and made the Sol system the site of a terrifying war. Known as the Collapse, the cities crumbled and fell. Humanity either scattered in an attempt to flee and lost their ships on the Reef asteroid field just beyond Venus, or converged on the one last safe place on Earth; a city that rose up under the protection of The Traveler. Known as the Last City, it is now the only place on Earth not overrun by Hive or Fallen. The Reef becomes the home of the Awoken - a mysterious race whose origins are unknown.

The Traveler fought for humanity, but it was overwhelmed, and in its dying breath created Ghosts - small mechanical beings each carrying a sliver of the Traveler's Light, and sent out to find those capable of weilding this Light as a weapon. They revived fallen Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters; giving them abilites, able to revive them if they fell. A Guardian is immortal as long as their Ghost survives.

This is where Betamax finds them; her Ghost had been searching for her for centuries, and brought her back during a time where hope has turned the tide of war. She holds council with the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey, she aligns herself with Dead Orbit Faction, and spends much of her time fighting the Darkness in the wilds on Earth, Venus, and Mercury. She has joined small fireteams to complete singular missions, such as taking down a Fallen Archon, or taking on Valus Ta'aurc - commander of the Cabal Siege Dancers.

CRAU: Because The Box already had a Guardian (a Titan) who utilized the game's single player campaign storyline, and the world was rich enough for it, I opted for Betamax to have the above experience instead. In her world, a Titan Gardian named Argosy-3 was the one who met with the Awoken, unearthed the Vex, and destroyed the Black Garden on Mars. She would have heard of him in passing on her world, and hadn't met him until her arrival in The Box. There, they became fast friends; he was a veteran and she was a fledgeling, and he took her under his wing to train as best he could (considering she didn't have her Ghost, and they were entirely different classes with different abilities).

The world was falling apart when she arrived, and not soon after, they were all loaded up on a train and spent several weeks travelling to a new location. They were confined to their boxcars (and were shuffled around week to week), but a couple times a week the train stopped so they could stretch their legs. At one point, it resulted in a war with the surrounding inhabitants. They won the battle, and were on their way shortly after.

At the next stop, Betamax was scouting for supplies in some abandoned barns when she happened on Yaha. Yaha had been a friend of Argos's, but the two Guardians had a discussion about his oddity and both agreed there was something not quite right about him, and to tread carefully. Given the chance, Betamax decided to help Yaha find his friend in an attempt to keep an eye on him. It turned out to be a trap; he captured and tortured her and left her for Argos to find - where he was ultimately forced to deliver a mercy kill to end her suffering (the curse of the Exo that their inner workings are a cipher to even themselves).

Betamax did not return until the train had finally stopped, and found herself on a boat headed to the island. There, she was reunited with Argos and the two worked at setting up shelter.

Personality: "Warrior-scholars of the Light, Warlocks devote themselves to understanding the Traveler and its power. A Warlock's mind is an arsenal of deadly secrets, balanced between godhood and madness. On the battlefield, those secrets can shatter reality itself."

A lot of Betamax's history has been lost to time; as an Exo, she was once human, and has undergone 8 system wipes that remain as nothing more but jumbled flashes of memory. As a Guardian, she was discovered by her Ghost as someone who had the ability to wield the Traveler's Light as a weapon and she was brought back to life. Her circumstances required her to hit the ground running, which she did without complaint. She is headstrong, determined, and capable.

She's also contained of an insatiable curiosity. As a Warlock, she has an intense interest on the world around her, and how she can use it to her benefit. Wherever she is, she will devote herself to learning as much as she can about the culture, geography, history, religions, literally anything she can get her hands on. She uses this information to better her abilities and her fight against the surrounding obstacles.

In conflict, she is discerning and patient; trying to get a full picture of the situation before rushing in. Still, sometimes she gets overeager and overconfident. Sometimes she can pull herself out of it, and sometimes she bites off more than she can chew.

Guardians are mankind's last line of defense between the minions of the Darkness and Earth's Last City, situated under the quiet form of the Traveler. Betamax takes her role of protector very seriously and, in the end, it is that desire to help save humanity from extinction and push back to form a strong, thriving population that keeps her going every day. She is selfless and always willing to sacrifice what she can to ensure other people's safety.

She idolizes Warlock Vanguard Ikora Rey, who was known for blazing a trail for herself alone in the wilderness. While Betamax has no problem teaming up with others, she does prefer to go about things alone. While she's grown in experience and ability, sometimes she overestimates what she is capable of singularly.


Voidwalker—"Those who have stared into the void are not bound by the laws of space and time." A heavy-damage class with an emphasis on recovery and Void Light attacks.

Super—Nova Bomb- Void energy released from Betamax's hands as three wide-spanning explosive orbs, strong offensive attack
Grenade— Axion Bolt; unleases an initial burst followed by three orbs of Void Light that track enemies.
Melee— Energy Drain: Betamax channels Void energy in a melee attack to drain enemies of enery
Jump— Glide (the ability to use Void energy to float over the ground, up onto obstacles, or safely down from greater heights)

Augment Skillset: Lab Support


[She feed opens up to Betamax carefully situating it on a tree root to hold it still. The surrounding foliage very clearly put her on the planets' surface, the derelict ship's hull dimly in the background (as she specifically chose this site to make a video broadcast for dramatic effect). Her facial plates shift and move slightly as she focuses, then arrange in a large grin when she's successful. She steps back, adjusts her tunic, and addresses the network;]

I am Betamax-8. I think that I am not alone in feeling something from this planet, a certain pull, or energy. It could be beneficial to compare notes; how does it feel to you? How has it effect you, your thoughts or actions, or otherwise? Perhaps if we pool our knowledge, we can get to the bottom of this.

[She speaks with a certain enthusiasm, her optics bright with the possibilities.]

IC Inbox

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Hello! You have reached the voicemail box for Betamax-8. Please leave your name and a detailed message and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience!
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Player Information

Player name: Krakatau

Contact: Krakatau @ plurk

Are you over 18: Y

Characters in The Box Already: n/a

Character Information

Character Name: Betamax-87

Canon: Destiny

Canon Point:

History: In the not too distant future, mankind made contact with a mysterious spherical object, equal in size to a small moon. It had stopped by and transformed Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury before settling on Mars where the Ares One was deployed for contact. Although everyone was hoping for a peaceful meeting, the three astronauts that made the trek were required to carry firearms. In the end, hope won out and violence was not needed. The Traveler, as it came to be called, brought many great things to humanity and opened up the stars and planets for colony expansion. It terraformed the planets it visited,, and allowed humanity to build fantastic and marvelous cities in the varied and exotic skies. Humanity was able to brave the stars with greater travel abilities. Everything flourished in this Golden Age that followed the Traveler's appearance.

But all good things must eventually come to an end, and the Traveler's many enemies eventually found it. A great war ensued, bringing about the Collapse of the Golden Age. Numerous alien races - each more terrifying than the last - overran and destroyed humanity's cities. Fallen on Earth, the Moon, and Venus. Cabal on Mars. Vex on Venus and Mars. The Vex - a biomechanical race capable of bending space and time -  transformed Mercury into a machine planet. The Hive - ground dwellers that burrow out and live in complex subterranean cave systems -  overtook the Moon entirely. The Guardians struck a major offensive move numbering in the thousands to retake the moon, but suffered defeat and heavy losses. They were forced to give up theMoon, hoping it would be enough to saitate the Hive.

Many people fleed; to Earth, or beyond, trying to navigate the Reef past Venus. Those on Earth were eventually pressed inward to a single city, harbored underneath the dying Traveler. Titans built and guarded the massive walls that held the enemy back. Hunters scoured enemy territory for weaknesses and resources. Warlocks forever studied the Traveler’s Light and how it could be implemented for maximum efficiency and benefit.

In its dying breath, the Traveler created Ghosts; mechanical beings powered by slivers of Light that sought out fallen Guardians, those that had the capability of wielding that Light as weapons against the Darkness.  It;s here the Guardian’s story begins; being revived on the battlefield where they fell, outside the Wall to the Cosmodrome in Old Russia. Their Ghost makes a brief introduction, and then urges them to run as they’re in Fallen territory. It’s a mad dash through the old buildings and stockyards to find a ship and make their way to the Last City on Earth, where they meed with the Speaker.

Here, humanity’s plight is unfolded. The Traveler is dying - quiet - the Ghosts the only lasting contribution and the Speaker the only connection left. Guardian asks what they can do to help, and the answer is simple; fight back the Darkness. Do what the Traveler itself cannot, and protect Humanity.  The Speaker and the Vanguards will task the Guardian with specific missions that eventually take them through Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mars. They must take out a Fallen Archon in orderr to restore their ship with a powerful enough drive unit in order to travel to the other planets. They find Hive Seeders (and the Hive that travel in them) litering the Cosmodrome, evidence that the Moon was not the only target of the husk-skinned race. Missions to the moon reveal more Hive Seeders in the making, as well as great war beasts such as Phoggoth. While on the Moon, they get a transmission, urging them to meet up if they survive the hive. The coordinates Ghost is able to retrieve take them to Venus, where they first encounter the Vex. Once they take them out, the Mysterious Stranger reveals herself. She’s an Exo, but she’s not a Guardian; she lacks a Ghost (calling it ‘Little Light’), but is not alone, holding conversations over a comm system to someone, or someting, else. She urges the Guardian to seek out the Black Garden and kill its heart, if they want to destroy the Vex’s hold on Venus and Mars and stop them from turning the planets into machine worlds like Mercury.

“I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.” She leaves them, walking off to dissolve into motes of light that fade away.

The Guardian and their Ghost follow her advice and seek out the Awoken Queen in the Reef in order to find the location of the Black Guarden. She is distrustful, having ships tail the Guardian as soon as they enter airspace, the pilots demanding to know who is trespassing and why. The Guardian is given permission to land and see the Queen, but warned if they deviate from their course they will be shot.

They are met in the throne room by the Queen’s brother, who is disdainful and prejudiced. Then, two Fallen step out. The Guardian reacts on instinct, grabbing for a guard’s pistol and moving to fire, but is intercepted by the brother, who holds a knife to the Guardian’s throat. Here is where the Queen makes her entrance, explaining the Fallen are hers and asking the Guardian (who she refers to as ‘It’ and the Ghost as ‘Ball’) what they are here for. The tension subsides (slightly - there’s still a definite Alpha/Beta tension between the Queen and her Brother), and the Guardian is given a chance to explain what it is they want. The Queen and her brother confer - another subtle power play, and the brother relents; you need a key to get into the Black Garden and they can give it to them, but in order to do that they need the head of a Vex Gate Lord (3 stories high, guardians of the areas Vex keep locked out of space and time). The brother doesn’t sound at all confident that they’ll be able to procure it (and to be honest, neither does Ghost, but the Guardian aggress to the arrangement and heads off to Venus.

They’re of course successful in obtaining the head of a Gate Lord,of course needing to find a large enough Vex.

The Ghosts act as the Guardian’s personal map, scanner, inventory, and companion. A Guardian can survive without its Ghost, as evidenced by Eris Morn - sole survivor of a fireteam sent to the Hive’s Hellmouth on the Moon - but there’s a lasting sense of loss. In cases where a Dead Ghost can be retrieved, the mechanical shell sometimes still contains memory fragments of the Ghost and Guardian it served. These can be collected, archived, and studied, as they are means of insight to the Darkness.

Of the Guardians, there are three distinct races, and three distinct classes. Titans value strength, force, and endurance. Hunters are stealthy and agile and precise. Warlocks are intellectual and searching and pragmatic. Humans are about as perseverant as they come. They fight for the history they lost, for the distant promise of the wondrous cities they once ruled. The Awoken are an enigma, a great thing once brought down and brought back even greater, if shrouded in mystery, ruled by a distant Queen in the Reef. The Exos were originally great war machines created by - and in the image of - humanity. How and When or even Who were at their origin has been long lost to time and dust.

Personality:  Within the context of Destiny, the Guardian is shown as being capable, eager, willing, and a little bit sassy. They begin their journey waking up to be introduced to their Ghost and immediately advised to RUN FOR THEIR LIFE. Over the course of the campaign story, they are constantly met with opposition, either known as they travel deeper into enemy territory, or unknown, such as when Ghost fucks up a system hack and trips an alarm and oh holy hell, better get ready because everyone is headed this way and wants to kill you. When facing the Awoken Queen and her aggressively passive aggressive brother, the Guardian doesn't falter, and returns with a smug confidence to drop the requested 'impossible item' at their feet.

For the sake of The Box, which already has a Guardian who has history in the story mission, I will be taking Betamax from a slightly different course, while still using the personality she displayed in the story cutscenes.  Even just her class  gives her a varied motivational context that differs vastly from the Titan.

Warrior-scholars of the Light, Warlocks devote themselves to understanding the Traveler and its power. A Warlock's mind is an arsenal of deadly secrets, balanced between godhood and madness. On the battlefield, those secrets can shatter reality itself.

Betamax was thrown into her Second Life with little other choice, and took on the challenge unflinching. Upon waking, being introduced to her Ghost, and guided through a gauntlet of alien terrors in order to escape, she's essentially initiated through trial by fire. Ghost takes her to the Speaker, who explains the Traveler, outlining a brief history that brings them to their current conflict. Her immediate response is to ask what she can do to help, squaring her shoulders.

She is eager to help, ultimately a benevolent soul, but she is also a keenly interested and curious soul. She decides to strike out on her own (with her Ghost, of course), to singularly pursue patrols left scattered among the worlds; it takes her to the odd corners, researching and scanning ancient and alien technologies, seeking out and taking down important enemies, sweeping areas clean of opposition. She's fascinated by Ikora Rey and the life she lead before heading up the Warlock Vanguard position at the Tower (that houses the Guardians, their ships, and holds all their armor and weaponry needs). After proving herself in the Crucible, and gaining a reputation for being outspoken and stubborn in the halls of Warlock scholarship, Ikora chose to run solo reconnaissance missions, surviving "against all odds, apparently preferring the wilderness to the company of her fellow Guardians". More than any tight fireteam or lucky trio of strangers, Betamax feels she can appreciate this idea of isolation.

This doesn't mean she is unable to work with others, coming together for a brief strike or to aid in defending a Warsat, or take out an imposing foe. She is still fairly new in this world, and it may only be a matter of time before she opens herself to trust others on a more regular basis. Certainly it is needed in her world for the enemies they face.

Items on your character at canon point: Born Spark warlock initial armor set, Khorsokov automatic rifle, sniper rifle

Abilities: Mechanically able; she’s spent a considerable amount of time disassembling and upgrading weapons, learning how to cobble together better weapons from scrap pieces.

Although fashioned in the human likeness, her hard-metal body has a greater strength and endurance than a normal human. Not exceedingly so, but she doesn’t have to worry about paper cuts.

Voidwalker; has been learning to use Light to manipulate Darkness. Knowledge of very basic abilities outlined below, power outtage about half or whatever mods deem fit;

  • Vortex Grenade: a grenade that creates a Vortex which continually damages enemies trapped inside

  • Glide: converts a jump to a long, smooth glide, and allows the Guardian to cross dangerous terrain and float from perch to perch to keep high ground.

  • Nova Bomb: scours the battlefield with ethereal fire - a bolt of energy with the power of a collapsing star

  • Energy Drain: a force of will, made up of dark energy, emitted with a push of an open palm

Strengths and Weaknesses: She's good with strategy and researching opponents. Likes to get down and dirty with scholars and libraries; learning about the enemy is how she bests them. She's intelligent and curious. She's also a little headstrong and doesn't always consider the consequences before jumping in if the target is too interesting.


Network/Action Sample:
[Betamax has located a phone, which means she's grossly invested in taking it apart, assessing the technology from an inside view, and carefully reconstructing it, then fully picking through all of its settings and apps and abilities. A couple test recordings are made, and then a general public announcement is sent out in video format; The feed opens selfie style, Betamax training the view on herself as she sits cross-legged against a deteriorated wall. Despite the grim setting the light of her eyes and mouth shines with excitement.]

Betamax-87 is now online. Send me a message and I will program you into my contacts. Send me useful information and I will put you in my speed dial.

While this is in no way comparable to my Ghost, it is at least rudimentary salve, and I will take it over nothing. But I wonder ... what else can I get it to do ...

Prose Log Sample:

Betamax hauls the specimen home, wrapped up in a dirty tarp and nearly twice her size. It’s a struggle, but it’s sure to be worth it; her mind already swirling with the possibilities she’ll find. She finally gets it to her workshop, and hoisted onto the table. The Tarp is pulled aside, corner by corner, until the slain beast rests completely uncovered before her. She takes a moment to revel in it, looking at the skin, how it pulls taut in some areas and hangs loose in others, mentally mapping the cause and effect and putting that with the memories she had of watching it in motion, moments before that final attack where she had come out on top.

Barely, perhaps, and not without help, but here she was; victorious. She pats its leg and grins.

“You’re a bit of a brute, aren’t you? Boy? No, girl. Aren’t you, girl? Well, you’re going to tell me all your secrets now.” Ghost wasn’t here to ask questions, to worry over her intentions, or to hound her to be more careful. She wasn’t very good at compensating; of looking after herself like he did. There were people here, friends she could call them, perhaps, who did just that, but it wasn’t the same. Nothing was ever the same as a second sentience nestled in against your own.

Talking to the dead was one option of ignoring the absence.

“I know this won’t hurt you so I’m not going to bother to apologize.” She retrieves a scalpel, then pulls the arm tight and makes a small incision, Dark blood wells up in the cut, and she swiftly swaps tools in order to catch a small amount in a vial for testing. “See, it wasn’t even all that bad. I’m sure if you’d been alive you’d have hardly peeped.”

She smiles at it and pats it again as she stows the vial and grabs another. No sense in wasting blood; they can do numerous tests if she catches enough. “Did you have a name? I’m not sure if you bunch were quite sentient enough.” She hums over this question as she fills half a dozen more vials, and then stops the cut with a piece of gauze and moves onto another focus of the specimen. “I’m going to call you Gerdy. That’s fitting, right? It’s short for Gertrude. Such a funny name, where do people come up with these things?”


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How's my driving?

Crit and Kudos accepted here! Screening enabled!
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Anything goes! Have an idea? Post away! Need an idea? Let me know!

1. Cannon! Are you fighting Cabal on Mars? Facing down a Hive Major on the Moon? Or maybe you're having a chill moment at the Tower, complaining about Master Rahool?

2. AU! Something has changed ... or, maybe everything has changed!

3. Game Setting! Hm ... would she fit, or not?


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